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~Jesus Loves Me~
My Brother ~ My Sister
"Forever Friends"
Jacob B. Turner 8/31/97 ~ Kaitlyn R. Turner 6/24/95

On October 1, 2001 my two children were in
a terrible car accident.
Kaitlyn Turner was six years old and Jacob Turner was four years old. God came down and gathered
them up in his arms and took them to heaven.

Kaitlyn and Jacob would come and see us every weekend.
When I didn't have them for my visitation weekends,
then my mom would have them.
I will never forget all the times we would
go to the park or go rent
movies and watch them over and over again.
It seemed like they would get older
and more beautiful every time I would see them again.

Your grandmother and papaw Turner misses
you both so very much.
Aunt Freida, Uncle Jack, Cousin Jackie, Kathy, Greg, Bethany,
Bradly, Aunt Jean, Uncle Harlod,
Cousin RuDonna, Phillip, and Cousin little Phillip
want you to know they all miss you very much.

Not long after the accident I married my girlfriend (Amy Bush).
We had planned on getting married after we
both got out of school, but we felt that the time was right.
Amy would take Kaitlyn to sunday school every Sunday.
Amy wants you to know how
much she loves and misses you both so very much.

Sometimes I will look at a pictures of you and shake my head.
I will say to myself,
"this can not be real, it must be some kind
of bad dream that I must wake up out of". But I know
that will not happen. God wanted you to come
live with him so he could show you how beautiful
heaven is. One day I will be holding you both
in my arms again and we will never be apart again.

I want to thank all of my family for being there for me.
I couldn't have made it with out them.
I also want to thank all of those who have showed
their gratitude and generousity. I espeically
want to thank every body I work with
from the Harlan County Detention Center.
Each one of you were over whelming supportive.

I want to give a special thanks to Anthony Jenkins,
Danny Ball, James Deal, Michael Creech, Michael Lunsford, and
Marcus Williams for serving as paul bearers.
Everyone holds a special place in my heart,
and I will never forget what you all have
done for me. I want to thank you
all and my children thanks you also.

Daddy wants you to know how much I miss you,
and how I wish I could have spent
more time with you, but I will get my chance
to make up for that one day. It has been
hard getting over this tragedy, but I know you
are in a better place. It must be beautiful
where you are right now. I cant wait until
that fine day when we are all together again.
Daddy loves you both. Come and visit me in my dreams some time....